Helping Businesses Big & Small Get On The Internet

Created with a large vision to solve a big problem

Hi! I’m Shay Punter an individual with a passion for empowering businesses online.

I love the internet, but one thing I don’t like is seeing all the struggles I see yours and other small businesses have when they get online, so I wanted to jump in and help your business out, this lead to the creation of Punter Digital a super awesome online agency.

I founded Punter Digital with a large vision to enable businesses to be empowered online because the internet is a scary place and there’s a lot we all have to do to be successful online. I wanted to simplify the process for you, so you could focus on running your business and not running your digital presence.

Brands Punter Digital has worked with

We’ve had the experience to work with leading brands in the market, helping them improve and simplify their web presence and gain results.

Howdy Interactive
AstonHughes & Co Accounting