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20+ SaaS Examples and Ideas to build in 2024

January 10, 2024

20+ SaaS Examples and Ideas to build in 2024 featured image

As the traditional software era is changing at the speed of light, its grown substantially and changed rapidly, there are now a lot of software-as-a-service market offerings, and if you want to create your own SaaS offering, you’re in the right place.


We will be showing you some of the best SaaS examples and ideas we can find to help you build the next great SaaS application. But first, lets quickly define what a SaaS application is.

What is Software as a Service? (SaaS)

Software as a service is a cloud-hosted application that is made available to all users across the internet to be used on any device, anywhere in the world.

It allows you to sign up for software that solves a particular pain point, take quickbooks as an example, you can use it from anywhere, and while they do offer a desktop application, a lot of people opt in for their web-version as its a lot more easier to use.

6 of the best Software as a Service providers

Now we’ve defined what SaaS is, lets look at some of the best software as a service providers out there, with some well known onces and some lesser known ones that are breaking traditional markets.

1. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming movie consumption platform (and also a gaming platform now) that millions of users have interacted with and watched movies from. Starting out as a DVD rental company, they have since expanded to video streaming and have become a leader in the movie streaming space.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is another great SaaS company, providing CRMs, they have changed an industry  for CRM providers, bringing in a generous free tier offering and allowing smaller and medium sized businesses to use a powerful CRM by themselves.

Hubspot is also considered a fully-integrated provider as they offer products in every stage of the SaaS business mode, from their content management system, social media marketing platform, email marketing to their powerful analytics suite, Hubspot has you covered everywhere.

3. WaitForIt

Wait for it is a more simple example of a SaaS company focusing on one specific thing, creating beautiful looking waitlist forms. Its what we consider a micro-saas company.

4. AnimStats

AnimStats is another example of a small SaaS company, they provide easy to edit GIF templates designed to help you get more engagement on your social media posts. With a simple and easy to use editor, they’re enabling creators to rapidly produce great looking gifs to share their stats, wins and other achievements or works easily.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a large project management platform that is designed to make managing projects, tasks and all your documents a breeze, focusing on being ‘one app to replace them all’.

6. Framer

Framer is a SaaS application which serves as a website builder and hoster for soloprenuers and small businesses to rapidly develop their own sites.

15 Ideas to create your own Software as a Service

Now we’ve gone over some of the best SaaS providers, lets give you some saas ideas you can create on your own

1. Freelancer Marketplace

A comprehensive platform that connects freelancers with clients for services like writing, design, and programming. It includes project management tools, integrated billing, and a review system to ensure quality and reliability.

Target Market: Freelancers, small businesses, and companies looking for outsourced talent.

2. Virtual Event Management

A robust tool for organizing and managing virtual events, such as webinars, conferences, and trade shows. Features include attendee registration, event scheduling, real-time engagement tools, and post-event analytics.

Target Market: Event organizers, corporations, educational institutions, and marketing agencies.

3. Personal Finance Tracker

An intuitive application that assists individuals in managing their personal finances. It offers budgeting tools, investment tracking, and insights into spending habits, helping users achieve their financial goals.

Target Market: Individuals seeking better financial management and planning, including young professionals and families.

4. Green Home Energy Analyzer

A tool designed for homeowners to measure and optimize their energy consumption. It provides actionable insights, eco-friendly tips, and tracks utility bill savings from green practices.

Target Market: Homeowners, environmentally-conscious individuals, and small businesses looking to reduce energy costs.

5. Senior Wellness Check-In Service

A compassionate service providing regular online check-ins and virtual companionship for elderly individuals. It focuses on health monitoring, social engagement, and emergency assistance if needed.

Target Market: Elderly individuals, their families, and caregivers.

6. Community Garden Management Platform

This platform facilitates the management of community gardens, offering features like plot assignments, volunteer scheduling, and a resource-sharing hub for gardening tips and tools.

Target Market: Community groups, local governments, and urban agriculture enthusiasts.

7. Virtual Workspace for Freelancers

A virtual office solution offering features like project management, secure file storage, invoicing, and client communication, specifically designed for freelancers and remote workers.

Target Market: Freelancers, remote workers, and digital nomads.

7. Cloud-Based Digital Signage

An application enabling businesses to manage and display digital signage content across multiple locations. It includes content scheduling, remote updating, and analytics.

Target Market: Retail businesses, restaurants, and corporate offices.

8. Employee Wellness & Engagement Platform

A comprehensive service offering tools for employee wellness programs, including fitness challenges, mental health resources, and engagement surveys, all aimed at boosting workplace morale and productivity.

Target Market: Small to large businesses focusing on employee well-being and HR departments.

9. Local Government Digitisation Suite

An all-encompassing platform for local governments to digitize their services. This includes document management, procurement processes, and enhancing citizen engagement through digital means.

Target Market: Local government bodies, municipal councils, and public sector organizations.

10. Farming Management System

A platform designed for farmers to manage their agricultural operations efficiently. It covers aspects like crop planning, animal care, financial management, and market distribution.

Target Market: Small to medium-sized farms, agricultural cooperatives, and agri-business entrepreneurs.

11. Small Scale Brewery Management System

A cloud-based system tailored for managing small-scale breweries. It handles production processes, inventory, distribution logistics, and ensures compliance with local regulations.

Target Market: Microbreweries, craft beer startups, and brewpubs.

12. Public Transport Optimisation Tool

A solution focused on optimizing public transport systems, improving route efficiency, schedule management, and fleet maintenance, thereby enhancing the overall rider experience.

Target Market: Public transport authorities, city planners, and transport

12. City Tourism Promotion and Management Tool

A platform that aids city tourism departments in promoting destinations, managing tourist information, and analyzing tourism trends for economic impact assessments.

Target Market: Tourism boards, city marketing organizations, and destination

13. Public Records Management System

A secure, cloud-based solution for managing and archiving public records. It allows government employees and the public to easily access information with advanced search and robust security measures.

Target Market: Government agencies, public libraries, and legal entities.

14. Crime Analysis and Prediction Tool

A data-driven tool that uses analytics to identify crime patterns and predict potential hotspots. This aids in proactive policing, resource allocation, and community safety initiatives.

Target Market: Law enforcement agencies, public safety departments, and urban planners.

15. Community Policing Engagement Platform

A service to facilitate interaction between the police and the community, including reporting non-emergency incidents, community feedback and public safety announcements.

Target Market: Law enforcement agencies

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